Unlock the mystery of the Arctic


An Adventure of a Lifetime

Kaktovik Arctic Adventures is Alaska's premier ecotourism company.  

We are in Kaktovik, Alaska, also known as the Polar Bear Capital of the U.S.


Kaktovik Arctic Adventures' is owned by Robert Thompson.  Mr. Thompson is actively sought out by world renown photographers and media outlets.  


In addition to polar bears, Kaktovik boasts views and cultural aspects unavailable anywhere else in the world.  The tiny village is at the epicenter of an ongoing environmental debate known as ANWR, or the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Whether you wish to research the socio -cultural fabric of our village or simply want to take in the sights, your adventure awaits in Kaktovik, Alaska.

Your Guide

Your expert guide is Captain Robert Thompson, United States Coast Guard certified master boat operator.  This designation certifies your guide may safely transport passengers in federal waters, off the coast of the Arctic Refuge.  Thompson has unprecedented  knowledge of Arctic animals and the region's delicate ecosystem,  Robert pioneered polar bear viewing as a viable industry in Kaktovik;.  Ecotourism is sustainable; it inspires entrepreneurship, provides jobs and helps the local economy.



In his own Words

“Our culture is based on hunting activities both on land and in the ocean. Our culture depends on a clean environment,” 

Robert Thompson, Kaktovik Arctic Adventures

Robert shares his knowledge and appreciation for wildlife in hopes that a cherished Arctic will persist for future generations.

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