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Kaktovik Arctic Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions


Safety, Health & Environmental


Your safety and security is important. Mr. Thompson’s experience and qualifications ensure your safety and security at all times. No person has been injured or killed by a polar bear in Kaktovik. Residents want to keep it that way. Please do your part by keeping your distance and never approaching wildlife without a licensed guide.


Emergency Care: Kaktovik has a modern health clinic and active First Responder Team of highly skilled Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Fire Safety: Your BnB has fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO2) detectors. Kaktovik has a modern fire station with firefighters able to respond to emergencies.


Do not disturb, or remove artifacts, while beachcombing or browsing whale remains. Should you choose to do so, it is at your own risk; it is not worth such risk.

The federal government’s U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has an outpost on Barter Island, in Kaktovik. It is fully staffed during polar bear season.

The government imposes severe criminal and civil penalties for violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It applies to all warm blooded ocean wildlife, including polar bears. No souvenir is worth federal prison time or losing your life savings.

Breakfast, Etc.

Your kitchen is amply stocked with breakfast food to self prepare hot or cold meals. Should you require a special diet, or wish to prepare other meals in house, please bring those supplies with you. While we have two small grocery stores, selection is very limited and expensive. Ravn Alaska allows 2 pieces of baggage up to 50 pounds each at no extra cost. The BnB has a full kitchen with refrigerator and additional freezer space on site.


1) The cabin is completely enclosed and weather proof.

2) There is no bathroom on board; however, the boat does not venture far offshore. You may promptly return to your BnB to use the facilities. Polar bears are near Kaktovik and your BnB is on the waterfront

Other things to do:

Restaurants: Marsh Creek Inn and Waldo Arms

Walking Tours: Marie Rexford is a local traditional knowledge keeper. She conducts walking tours. These are very informative because you get to learn about the village and its rich history.

Retail: Kikiktak Store, Groceries & Sundries; Sims Store, Groceries & Sundries

Gym: The school (907) 640-6626 has a gym that opens to the public for a few hours in the evening.

Library: The school (907) 640-6626 has a library that opens to the public. Please check with the school for hours.

There is a community building in the village. They post events on the bulletin board. You may call ahead to see if there are any public events scheduled for the week you visit: 907-640-6313

Arts: There are several local artists in Kaktovik. The City of Kaktovik (municipal government) May have handmade items for sale, or they can get you in contact with local artists.

All facilities are within walking distance.

Northern Lights

There are Northern Lights in the fall, although it is unpredictable. Since the temperatures are dropping and daylight is looming, there is a fair chance you may see the aurora borealis.

Trip Insurance

Kaktovik Arctic Adventures recommends comprehensive trip insurance. The “cancel for any reason” package is ideal. Click here for more information on trip insurance: Your policy can cover your entire trip from your home departure to returning home, not just the Kaktovik leg.

On rare occasions, we do have to postpone or cancel boat trips due to high seas. It is unsafe to be out on the water in bad weather. On days like that, your guide may offer a land tour, in lieu of the boat tour. Or, he may conduct the tour later in the day, if your schedule permits.

During polar bear season, the weather is cool and foggy. In the morning and daytime hours, the sun may clear fog away. We sometimes get snowfall, but it varies year to year.